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Reliant Healthcare Solutions is a staffing and recruiting agency located in the DC metro area. Reliant Healthcare Solutions assist health care partners across the country in providing talents acquisition and hiring solutions.


Is There a Difference Between “Staffing Services” and “Recruiting Services?”

Generally, while staffing and recruiting have common goals, company needs for staffing and recruiting differ slightly. Staffing is most commonly associated with short-term positions while recruiting tends to take on the task of finding permanent candidates.

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What are Reliant Healthcare Solutions’ Staffing and Recruiting Services?

Reliant Healthcare Solutions specializes in finding and recruiting top talent for a diverse range of disciplines and industries. Reliant Healthcare Solutions offers the following staffing and recruiting services:

Permanent Staffing

We help build productive and successful internal teams through the hiring of full-time candidates with the big-picture goal of employee retention. Our services include senior, executive, and mid-level management hiring needs. We extensively vet candidates to recruit top talent who possess the experience and temperament to lead highly successful initiatives.

Temporary Staffing

Reliant Healthcare Solutions assists companies to facilitate coverage during peak workloads, staff for finite projects and awarded contracts, and cover short-term absences due to vacation, PTO, and maternity leave. Reliant Healthcare Solutions has a proven record in placing candidates for temporary and contract roles across a broad range of areas.


Our contract to hire services offer companies a period of evaluation to determine if an employee fits strategically in the long term. Contract to hire positions offer candidates short-term employment with the opportunity to become full-time employees at the end of the contractual period. In many cases, contract to hire positions are mutually beneficial to both candidates and employers.


What makes Reliant Healthcare Solutions Different Than Other Staffing Agencies?

Our dedicated team of staffing and recruiters work in tandem to ensure that organisations have a successful strategy and resources for attracting and retaining top talent in all positions.

With every new partnership, Reliant Healthcare Solutions brings:

  • An extensive network of qualified candidates
  • A proven methodology to expedite the “candidate requisition-to-productivity” process
  • A reputation for quality-driven solutions
  • Comprehensive service options
  • A proven track record in placing professional, technical, creative and administrative talent