Permanent Physician Staffing

We at Reliant Healthcare Solutions understand the challenges healthcare practices, hospitals and medical facilities face in recruiting qualified physicians. RHS medical recruiters spend considerable time in finding physicians with outstanding working ethics who fit our clients culture environment.

TimeLine Recruiting sets itself apart from industry competitors through a business model that puts clients first, offering the ideal combination of services to achieve proven results. With TimeLine Recruiting, you will enjoy:

  • Guaranteed physician placement – RHS guarantees physician placement within 12 months or 100% of the Professional Fees you invest are refunded to you. We only focus on jobs we know have higher probability to be filled so we are more committed to quality rather than quantity. This philosophy sets us apart our peers in the industry
  • A personalized approach to finding the right fit – RHS consultants are incentivized based on the quality of physicians recruited not quantity. Thus they devote a lot of their time to understanding tour clients needs and goals.  They also take time to understand our clients work environments and culture to find the right fit. This process is applied to all and every request regardless is the provider will work in a rural or urban setting.
  • Financial reprieve for positions filled by your company – Unlike most retained firms that will forfeit your entire fee should you fill a search on your own, RHS allows you to roll half of any fees invested into a new search of your choice. This affords you the option to still retain RHS even if you have a pending candidate.
  • Flat monthly billing – RHS offers a flat monthly billing schedule (Professional Fees) that is guaranteed to produce results. We also allow you to pre-approve every expenditure associated with your search so that your investment can be easily budgeted.

Detailed services, competitive pricing, guaranteed placement… that’s the Reliant Healthcare Solutions difference. To learn more about what makes us the clear choice for physician placement services, call us today or request a staff  and begin to experience the difference yourself.